Part of the World I Know

Unless you’ve been under the sea or at sea, you’ve no doubt heard about bigots being outraged that a Black actress was cast in the title role for the upcoming live action The Little Mermaid film.

So why the outrage, you ask? It’s just a movie, you say.

The truth is, it was never about The Little Mermaid.

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Color Commentary: Operation Orpheus

Color Commentary is back and for this special edition, we’re taking aim at Nashville Pride.

I suppose a little backstory is in order.

Even though I’m an unapologetic MSM of color who lists Midnighter, Brian Kinney and Alan Turing as his Patronuses, as a general rule I usually shun Pride and most Gay Inc (read: cis white privileged) functions. They tend to be bigoted toxic cesspools of antiblackness.

These pieces here and here  and here discuss why Pride is problematic for many of us. While some LGBTQs may understandably attend (as is their right), others steer clear.

Varying mileage and all of that.

The horror stories I’ve heard about Nashville Pride specifically had been more than enough to keep me away. Which is why my response when folks ask me if I plan on attending local Pride events is:


And when they insist I should attend and connect with the local “community” for my benefit:



So of course last year The #NoH8 Campaign was going to be present and thus force me to attend.

Getting a #NoH8 Campaign pic had been on my bucket list for a number of years.  I like the campaign, what it’s come to represent, and I wanted to participate. Even if it meant venturing into basic bitch hell to do so.

This one was going to be one for the ages. After all, nothing says Adventure Time like going through Tartarus to achieve an objective.

And so #OperationOrpheus was born.

The following social media updates chronicle my musings and what transpired.

Fair warning, the shade is real.

giphy (5)


No really. …….



Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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Wrong Turn

Yesterday a very good friend of mine shared a horrific incident she had with an abusive and sociopathic Lyft driver on social media. Although she kicked his ass and handled her business like the boss she is, she admitted she was hesitant to come forward and share her story. Understandable given how traumatic and scary the ordeal was.

To show my solidarity and support, I’m coming forward and sharing an incident that occurred with a bigoted Uber driver about two years back.

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Keep Beyonce’s Name Out Of Your Mouth

One reason you will never hear me complain about the Beyhive stanning for Beyonce. Aside from the fact that she’s awesome, it’s that even in the 21st century, celebrating phenomenal black women is still a revolutionary act.


Setting: A dream (?) from a few years back where I wake up and find myself strapped to a lab table. Everything is dark and blurry but I hear voices overhead.

Female Voice: Ladies, gentlemen, non gender binary individuals present. We can rebuild him. We have the technology and the magic. We have the capability to transform this candidate into a sleeper agent for the Beyhive. Dennis R. Upkins will be that agent. Ready to act on behalf of King Bey at a moment’s notice. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster, wiser.

Male Voice: Are you sure he’s the right candidate?

Female Voice: This comes from High Command. Apparently he’s been on the radar of the Illuminati for quite some time. 

Male Voice: I think he’s waking up.

Female Voice: Oh crap.

Denny: [Groggy] Where am I???? What’s going on????

Male Voice: Back to sleep you. [Places anesthetic mask back on my face. Everything fades to black……..]


Like countless others, you could count me as a fan of one Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Between her music, films, artistry, philanthropy, and activism, she is not only a role model and an inspiration but the personification of #BlackExcellence.


While I’ve been a fan of Bey’s, I never considered myself a member of the Beyhive. But you wouldn’t know it given how vocal I’ve been over the years am in defending Beyonce against attacks of white supremacy. But not all agents of white supremacy are of the caucasian persuasion. Many are other blacks all too eager to the devil’s bidding.

Which brings us to one Nnedi Okorafor.

As speculative fiction authors, she and I run in many of the same circles. And many white spec fic fans and authors kept recommending her to me. Always happy to support a sister (or so I thought), I read some of her stuff which was pretty solid and followed her on social media. However it wasn’t long before I realized why she was such a darling for white audiences.  Okorafor began showing who she truly is. From petulant temper tantrums to unprovoked attacks, she would regularly abuse everyone from fans to other authors on social media and would then cowardly delete her comments to cover up her toxic behavior, usually aimed at other Blacks.

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Redux: Anti-Blackness Thy Name Is Facebook

A chap by the name of George Orwell said it best. “In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Midnighter Mode in 3…..2…..1…….


The fight for equal rights continues to hit a fever pitch. Trans people are fighting for basic human decency, my Asian siblings continue to be #WhiteWashedOUT of their own culture. My fellow Wakandans are fighting for their lives and reminding the planet that #BlackLivesMatter.

One of the key battlegrounds has been on social media. PoCs are getting in formation and speaking their truth and embracing their power.


However, they may find themselves on hostile ground when it comes to social media, specifically The Book of Face.

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Why White Saviors Like Jim C Hines Are Anything But

A gent by the name of Josh Inman said it best, “Everybody wants diversity…….until it happens.”


So recently on social media this stick figure drawing came across my timeline on social media. When I saw it was from Jim C. Hines, I laughed and laughed and laughed.

The mere fact that this fraudulent bigot was lecturing other whites about victim-blaming and gaslighting made me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

It also made me realize that is what the kids refer to as irony. And also, you know hypocrisy.

Midnighter Mode in 3…………2………..1…………


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Harvard Man

As many of you may know, in addition to being a published author, an equal rights activist, and a nerd seraph, I’m also a pop culture analyst.

A regular fixture on the Nerds of Color, my work has also been featured on Salon,, Mental Health Matters, Geeks OUT, Black Girl Magic Lit Mag and a host of other places.

Whether it’s comic books, video games, blockbuster films, or music albums, it is absolutely paramount that we critique our media if for no other reason than to analyze its influence in molding minds and shaping society.

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