Enter The Olympian

Over on How To Love Comics, I provide a character study on Wonder Woman’s replacement, rival, and eventual ally, Achilles Warkiller, also known as the Olympian. The piece is the latest installment in HTLC’s A Year Of Wonder series which commemorates the 80th anniversary of the iconic Amazon throughout the year. Here it is. Your … More Enter The Olympian

Character Study: Edwin Jarvis

Even though Agent Carter is a miniseries airing during the winter hiatus of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the series continues to establish itself as one of the most important narratives Marvel has produced for reasons explained here. The showrunners capitalized on a great storytelling opportunity in providing a powerful backstory to Agent Carter’s fellow countrymen … More Character Study: Edwin Jarvis

Character Study: Zoe Washburne

With October being #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth, it seemed only appropriate to put the spotlight on an amazing black character. Zoe Washburne, the big damn heroine of Firefly/Serenity, portrayed by Perfection herself, Gina Torres, seemed like an excellent selection.

Character Study: Doctor Martha Jones

In honor of #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth [Scene: Attending a party where friends are discussing their favorite Doktah.] Partygoer 1: I love the Classic Who’s. Tom Baker is my guy. Partygoer 2: Eccleston, through and through. Partygoer 3: Tennant. The only 10 I see. Partygoer 4: My Doctor was Eleven. Denny, who is your favorite Doctor Denny: *stops typing on iPhone* Huh? Partygoer 4: Who’s your … More Character Study: Doctor Martha Jones