Portraits From An Artist

If this blog is any indication, I run with the baddest crew. Case in point, my good friend, artist extraordinaire and awesome lady in general, Melissa Gay. Gay recently did the interior illustration for DriveThruRPG and asked fellow artists/writers Kimberly Richardson, Kelly Potts Martinez, and myself for permission to use our likeness as models in … More Portraits From An Artist

MidSouthCon 31 Itinerary

  I’m currently in Memphis and I’m living it up like a rock star for MidSouthCon 31. Below is my itinerary for MidSouthCon 31 this weekend. If you’re in attendance, stop by and say howdy.   SATURDAY 10:00AM – 11:00AM W Diversity vs. Tokenism Guests of Honor: Ross Lockhart, Kimberly Richardson Panelists: Hilaire Playa, Laura … More MidSouthCon 31 Itinerary

March Madness!!!!!

So starting next month business begins to pick up for me. In addition to editing and writing, con season kicks off for me. Exciting news! Yours truly will be back at MidsouthCon this year. Even more exciting is that I get to kick it with my good buddy Cherie Priest who is one of the Guest of Honors. Oh … More March Madness!!!!!

MidSouthCon: Review

MidSouthCon was an absolute blast. I had an amazing time and I can’t thank the people behind the con enough for inviting me nor can I thank the attendees and fellow guests for making me feel welcomed. The panels were excellent. We had some great discussions on the broken people panel and the audience really … More MidSouthCon: Review

MidSouthCon Schedule

I am in Memphis this weekend for MidSouthCon and I am too stoked for words. If you’re in the Midsouth area this weekend and you’re looking for something fun to do, come hang out with me and a host of other awesome peeps. Friday, 3/23 9:00 PM Broken People “Writing characters with real flaws and … More MidSouthCon Schedule