And I Quote

“The path of the One is made by many.” —The Oracle, The Matrix films Be it a social media post, an academic essay, a news article, or a novella, many of my readers know that I am very prone to include profound quotes in my work. A number of those quotes have guided me and … More And I Quote

The Best Albums of 2019

Note:  Block Editor is of the Devil. I just want that noted for the record. Speaking of records….. As busy as I am, I often make time for excellent music. It definitely helps inspire and galvanize me when I’m writing. A few of my all-time favorite artists and bands delivered. The Knowles sisters were in … More The Best Albums of 2019

Top Albums of 2016

So it’s been a minute since I’ve done an update. That’s because I’ve been busy writing and getting some affairs in order which has consumed the last few months. So recently, the MTV Video Music Awards were presented. I was totally going to watch but then I remembered that I had better things to do … More Top Albums of 2016

Introducing Tony B

They grow up so fast. My awesome little cousin (well, he’s not little anymore but he’s awesome as ever), Tony B has entered the music game. And cuz has come out swinging with “Fall,” the title track off his upcoming EP. Anyone who’s known me for five seconds knows that I’m all about promoting and … More Introducing Tony B