The Perfect Storm: An Analysis of Marvel’s Most Important Superheroine

BY DENNIS R. UPKINS Originally published at 30UpTV: “I am a woman, a mutant, a thief, an X-Man, a lover, a wife, a queen. I am all these things. I am Storm and for me, there are no such things as limits.” —Storm Nine years old. That was the age of this Catholic Altar Boy … More The Perfect Storm: An Analysis of Marvel’s Most Important Superheroine

And I Quote

“The path of the One is made by many.” —The Oracle, The Matrix films Be it a social media post, an academic essay, a news article, or a novella, many of my readers know that I am very prone to include profound quotes in my work. A number of those quotes have guided me and … More And I Quote

Because She Can

We interrupt your meaningless existence for this very important announcement. Over on Instagram, Perfection Herself, The Goddess known as Gina Torres decided to serve fashion, face, style, and grace and remind everyone that this is her world and she’s letting us pay rent. WHY? Because she can. This concludes our important announcement. You may now … More Because She Can

Dispel: A Short Film Review

Over on OUTvoices I explain why the sci-fi short film Dispel is a game changer in terms of artistry, storytelling, Black triumph and Black Excellence. I also take a moment to give praise honor and glory to Perfection herself: The Goddess known as Gina Torres. And now our feature presentation….

But I Paid Him A Compliment

The late Toni Morrison eloquently stated, “I’m always annoyed about why Black people have to bear the brunt of everybody else’s contempt. If we are not totally understanding and smiling, suddenly we’re demons.” Ms. Morrison was an example of how a phenomenal Black woman can recalibrate your entire reality with a few sage words. My … More But I Paid Him A Compliment