The Great DILF Post Volume 2


So by popular demand and “heavy twisting of my arm,” I’m doing another volume of The Great DILF Post. If you missed the first volume you can have a gander here.

Because this list is larger (and size does matter), I could explain in detail why each are a fave but as the old adages go, a pic is worth a thousand words, seeing is believing and that’s all the explanation needed. I will say each of these gents have a distinct  look, style, and swagger that makes them timeless.

While there are many definitions for DILFs, to qualify for this list, the extraordinary gentlemen have to be old enough to actually be around my parents’ age.

So without further adieu……


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A Special Hypericon Moment

So this past weekend was Hypericon. One of my favorite cons, it’s special to me because I get to see many of my loved ones, family really, and it is always the perfect way to kick off summer. Great food, great friends, scifi, cosplay, what more can a guy ask for?

Sadly I wasn’t able to attend this year. One of my closest friends is undergoing chemotherapy so I’ve been staying with him and helping him out.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t let this year go by without commemorating Hypericon. And what better way to celebrate the con than by sharing one of the most cherished moments I’ve had as a professional author.

10423768_10205888365863511_5403922836518686251_nFrom left: Yours truly, Mage TeeVee, and Cass Teague

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Gods of the Arena

As a queer person of color, I can say firsthand that it’s rare my existence is acknowledged in the media, much less portrayed with any modicum of respect.

This is one of the many reasons that I’ve taken it upon myself to pass a personal edict that with the exception of an elite few works, I only consume media that has PoCs and LGBTQs as the central and lead characters. If it doesn’t, I’m generally not interested.

I recently rewatched a miniseries that featured one of my favorite gay pairings; Barca and Auctus from Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Overall Spartacus wasn’t perfect, but more often than not, it made some progressive moves surprisingly on the feminist, racial, and LGBTQ fronts. 

Which brings me to another point. Pro-tip: if a story set in Ancient Rome is more progressive and diverse than your 21st century narrative, that should be a clue for you to examine your failures as an artist and a person.

With Gods of the Arena being a prequel to Blood and Sand, I knew Barca and Auctus’s fates were sealed by your Bury The Gay trope. Nevertheless they were a groundbreaking gay pairing to watch.

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Shonda Rhimes: A Screenwriter’s Advice

36_Shonda_Rhimes_Cover_Embed     Hat tip to my  buddy Benjamin forwarded me this webcomic. I definitely appreciated what Shonda Rhimes wrote as I’ve lived Rhimes’s point on many a day. It’s great to dream, and the good book says that faith the size of mustard seeds can move mountains. But the Bible also says that faith without works is dead. So it’s great to dream but you have to put in the work to make said dream a reality. Another reason, among countless others, as to why Shonda Rhimes is one of my inspirations and heroines.     2014-09-24-shonda

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Photo on 10-29-14 at 1.39 PM

Oh yes I’m wearing pink.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I’d be remiss if I didn’t show solidarity with the countless incredible women who endure a tumultuous ordeal and battle a deadly threat.

I understand that wearing pink is the smallest of gestures but as a man I also know that speaking out, showing love and support, and making women’s issues a personal priority is what real men do.

More than that, I’ve had too many people in my life be affected by cancer. I’ve lost too many people to this disease.

For more information, checkout this site here:…

Let’s start helping women now.

Photo on 10-29-14 at 1.40 PM #2 Photo on 10-29-14 at 1.40 PM


Okay so here’s another fun post.

One of the things my buddies always tease me about is that even though I’m a gay male, I’m repeatedly told that I have exemplary taste in women, in terms of admiration and being a fanboy.

Case in point my “religion” is the Goddess known as Gina Torres, aka Perfection Herself aka she who is married to Laurence Fishburne, the Emissary of Excellence.


But Torres isn’t the only boss chick who has warmed my heart. One thing I’ve observed is that the women I admire are like diamonds. Each of them vastly different, but a unique treasure. Some I admire for their beauty (external and internal), their talents, some their minds, some their swagger, you get the idea. The unifying traits among them, they’re each strong, intelligent, beautiful, gifted and powerful.

While there’s no way for me to list every phenomenal woman, the following is a small sampling of the diamonds I treasure.

See what I did there?

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The Great DILF Post

So while I’ve got more guest posts lined up and will continue to discuss West of Sunset and few other interesting topics. I thought I’d shift gears for a second and do a fun post.

A fun post that was partially inspired by my good friend and cosplay phenom Cookie Layne.

So confession time: I LIKE DILFs and I cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny.

DILFs aka silver foxes have a special place in my pants.

Boys are fun and boy toys are great……..*smiles and thinks back to a few weekends ago*….but there’s something about an older gent who’s settled, secure in his own skin, got some life experience, and can teach this eager precocious lad a few things. And as this post will illustrate (beautifully) that senior gents can easily hold their own with the boys.

Okay so there are many definitions to DILFs/Silver Foxes but for the sake of this post I’m defining it as men who are literally my parents age or older. YMMV.

These guys are the type of men who don’t get older, but simply get better.

And for those of you who have been studying my taste in men closely for 4 years, this will be on the midterm.

Shall we commence?

Photocall - Morning Glory

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Black Is The New Black


As someone else stated, the following quote adequately sums up the Trayvon Martin tragedy, “Only in America can a dead black boy go on trial for his own murder.”

It pains me to say this but stories like Trayvon’s are nothing new and I hear about them and have witnessed them my entire life growing up in the South. But when I first read about Trayvon’s murder, there was something about the story that hit me to the core. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why. When I learned about the verdict and recoiled in horror and disgust along with other people of color, that’s when it hit me. For all intents and purposes, when I was 17, I was Trayvon and I’m lucky because in many respects, I should also be dead.

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