You think you know but you have no idea. Most of you believe you’re familiar with the fable, The Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. What if I told you that the Big Bad Wolf, or Bad Wolf rather, was in fact the hero? What if Bad Wolf’s only crime was defending his terrain … More Stonewalled

Character Study: Doctor Martha Jones

In honor of #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth [Scene: Attending a party where friends are discussing their favorite Doktah.] Partygoer 1: I love the Classic Who’s. Tom Baker is my guy. Partygoer 2: Eccleston, through and through. Partygoer 3: Tennant. The only 10 I see. Partygoer 4: My Doctor was Eleven. Denny, who is your favorite Doctor Denny: *stops typing on iPhone* Huh? Partygoer 4: Who’s your … More Character Study: Doctor Martha Jones

Doctor Who? Dr. Upkins

  Several friends have pointed out to me that whenever they see my Twitter handle, drupkins, they sound it out in their heads as Dr. Upkins. A number of them have mentioned that part of the reason is that they can so see me as a doctor, based on my personality and cerebral nature. No … More Doctor Who? Dr. Upkins