The Great DILF Post Volume 2


So by popular demand and “heavy twisting of my arm,” I’m doing another volume of The Great DILF Post. If you missed the first volume you can have a gander here.

Because this list is larger (and size does matter), I could explain in detail why each are a fave but as the old adages go, a pic is worth a thousand words, seeing is believing and that’s all the explanation needed. I will say each of these gents have a distinct  look, style, and swagger that makes them timeless.

While there are many definitions for DILFs, to qualify for this list, the extraordinary gentlemen have to be old enough to actually be around my parents’ age.

So without further adieu……


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Wrestling Fanatic

and the following post will be presented in miniscule format:

okay so i have a confession to make. i’m a pro-wrestling fan.

yes you read that correctly.

usually when i mention this i catch hella grief.

this is nothing new for me. i don’t know if it’s the uptight, sullen, cerebral demeanor that i give or something because usually when i reveal that i watch pro-wrestling it usually goes something like this and the following comment has been said to me:

denny: yes i do watch pro-wrestling.

someone else: really, but you’re so intelligent.

i’ve watched professional wrestling my entire life and i watch it in the same vain that i watch star trek or grey’s anatomy or the practice; for pure entertainment. it’s part soap opera with a healthy dose of violence. what’s not to love? i’ve followed the sport in and outside of the squared circle and have nothing but the utmost respect for the men and women, these world class athletes, who put their bodies on the line and stay on the road 250 days out of the year just to entertain the fans. however there are other reasons why i enjoy professional wrestling.

after much thought and research i thought i would take this opportunity and present some very well thought out and critical reasons why men and women should tune in and watch sports entertainment each and every week.

i challenge anyone to dispute my reasoning:

Who Run The World

As many of you are aware, WWE Diva, the beautiful and bright Kelly Kelly graced the cover of Maxim Magazine. So impressed with the photoshoot, I happily bought a copy.

What I soon learned is that Kelly Kelly isn’t the only smart sexy and powerful wrestler who’s been rocking a fierce photoshoot recently.

Case in point:

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