And I Quote

“The path of the One is made by many.” —The Oracle, The Matrix films Be it a social media post, an academic essay, a news article, or a novella, many of my readers know that I am very prone to include profound quotes in my work. A number of those quotes have guided me and … More And I Quote

Can’t Stop The Signal

The time has arrived. The series finale of the Coulson May Power Hour (released in some regions as Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) is here. After 7 seasons, it’s been an epic ride. Honestly I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life, lol. To commemorate the conclusion of the final mission concludes, today I’m … More Can’t Stop The Signal

My Top Articles of 2018

  So one of the primary reasons I didn’t update this space much last year was because I was on constant deadline churning out a lot of pieces which didn’t leave me time to even catch my breath, much less do anything else. This isn’t a bad thing when you’re a freelance journalist and a … More My Top Articles of 2018

To Shanshu And Back: An Angel Retrospective

For a special Throwback Thursday, a buddy and I rewatched the Angel series finale, Not Fade Away. Afterwards we got on the topic of the Shanshu Prophecy. In the series, the word Shanshu itself means “to live” and “to die.” While the prophecy doesn’t specifically mention Angel, it states a vampire with a soul will at the end … More To Shanshu And Back: An Angel Retrospective

Character Study: Zoe Washburne

With October being #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth, it seemed only appropriate to put the spotlight on an amazing black character. Zoe Washburne, the big damn heroine of Firefly/Serenity, portrayed by Perfection herself, Gina Torres, seemed like an excellent selection.

Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips

Anyone who’s known me for five seconds knows that I’m a hardcore Joss Whedonite. Suffice to say, I was beyond stoked when I came upon this article. Even though Whedon is referring to screenwriting, these tips definitely apply to storytelling in general. ___________________________ Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips At the Screenwriters’ Festival launch last week, I … More Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips