Battle On Amazons

Prior to Gal Gadot being tapped to portray Wonder Woman for the DC Extended Universe, there was an online campaign where fans wanted to see actress Gina Torres play the iconic superheroine.

Understandable. Much like Gadot and for that matter Lynda Carter, Torres is the perfect blend of grace, beauty, power, and wisdom.

Anyone who knows me for five seconds knows that for me Gina Torres is more than an actress. She is a goddess whose altar I proudly worship at.

If you’ve seen the Minions and Glory during season 5 of Buffy or better yet season 4 of Angel with Jasmine and her disciples, then you have a clue how my worship services go.




No really, Perfection herself has me like:




Suffice it to say over the years people have asked me for my thoughts on the campaign and my response has been the same. “Gina Torres is so epic, Wonder Woman should be campaigning to play her in a movie.”

This led to another item being added to my bucket list: Having a beautiful Wonder Woman Cosplayer holding a sign petitioning to play Gina Torres in a movie.

Oh by the by, that online campaign led to Gina Torres voicing Diana Prince in the DC Online MMO video game.


And then at Hypericon last year, it happened.

I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and amazing Virginia Tabor who was more than gracious enough to help me achieve one of my life goals with this most excellent pic.


Virginia is every bit as heroic as the Pristine Balance she portrays.

In her spare time, she visits local hospitals and charities bringing inspiration and hope to children along with other heroes of Cosplay Collective.

File this under Why Diversity Matters.

At the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere, she debuted her latest costume.



And the way she is slaying, Virginia should also be called Buffy Summers.

So to Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot, Gina Torres, Virginia Tabor and every other Wonder Woman, I only have this to say:



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